We think that green can mean good business. We offer a cleaner, greener way to bring great wine to your customers. Here are three big reasons why Silvertap is better for the environment and for business.

Green is Good
Woods Vineyard – Healdsburg, CA
A full Silvertap Wine Cask weighs 1/2 of the equivalent amount of bottled wine. That means less shipping weight, therefore less shipping costs, therefore more savings that get passed on to you. Not to mention all of the trucks we’re keeping off the road by doing things more efficiently.

When you drink wine from a keg, you pay for the wine, not the bottle, the label, the box and the whole mess of marketing that surrounds bottled wine. Wine on tap is all about the juice. And without all that packaging, the environmental impact of a single glass of wine is a lot less.

Recycling is great, but re-using is a whole lot better. Our re-usable Silvertap Wine Casks cut down on how much you need to store and recycle.

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