Winemaker Bill Knuttel
Silvertap’s consulting winemaker, Bill Knuttel, has been making wine in Napa and Sonoma Counties for over 30 years. Bill was the founding winemaker of Saintsbury Vineyard, where he built this legendary Pinot Noir house for the first 13 vintages. He went on to Chalk Hill Vineyards for 8 vintages, and then to Dry Creek Vineyard in Healdsburg.

Knuttel states: “No matter what varietal I make, or who I make it for, my goal is to create elegant wines that are a tribute to the great work of the grape grower. The talent among the growers in Sonoma County is unparalleled and inspires me every day.

Silvertap’s wines give me an opportunity to express each unique vineyard site in a different way. Because the wines aren’t intended to age, I have a different approach to structuring each wine. Like all of my wines, I keep the alcohol levels low and focus on the fruit and acidity. When you age wine in a bottle, the flavors have a chance to integrate and the tannins will mellow. However, with wine on tap, I have to be careful with tannin management and make sure the flavors are completely developed, as the wine has to be ready drink immediately from the tap.

I’m proud of the Silvertap wines and believe we are honoring the farmers who grow the grapes, while making wines that accentuate the benefits of wine on tap.”